• NUVA UV curable putties for automotive refinishing

Revolutionary UV-A curable putties for automotive refinish

"NUVA is an ECO-Friendly product line.
100% Styrene-free & low VOC"

"Fast UV curing between 15 and 60 seconds with SPECTRATEK UV curing lamps." Suitable for most metal and plastic surfaces.

uv curable filler putty

NUVA Universal UV-A curable filler

NUVA is a universal1K UV curable filler putty used for automotive refinishing. Highly recommended for dents, cracks, scratches and rust holes. Excellent flexibility and easy to sand. Non-flammable product. Available in 500g containers.

Technical Datasheet (TDS)
uv curable refinish putty

NUVA UV-A curable refinish putty

NUVA is a universal 1K UV curable refinish putty used for automotive refinishing. This product is perfect for filling pinholes. Excellent flexibility and easy to sand. 100% styrene-free & low VOC. Available in 250g containers.

Technical Datasheet (TDS)

"No hardener or mix required.
Excess can be reused. No more waste"

Approved & tested

The NUVA putties have been successfully tested with all the SPECTRATEK UVLED curing lamps. Specially designed for the automotive industry, the SPECTRATEK UVLED line product guarantees high quality results in all applications.

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